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28th June 2018

John proctor was a kind of human being that was tormented individual and he believed that his affairs with the Abigail damaged him in the eyes of the god. This John Proctor essay shows the story in a way that how one man who had affairs with the one lady seems himself and his wife Elizabeth damaged in the eyes of the god. This essay also reflects the character that one has in the eyes of the god where one is not able to forgive himself in the eyes of the self. It also shows how he sued to suffer a lot. This was something that was tormenting one for him as explained in the John Proctor essay. Here the term tormenting is used in the sense that better explains the situation of the John as more suffering from the mental agony and he had to follow certain this in his life that was full of dismay and panic. This was also stated that there need to have focus on the various issues that is playing a crucial role in this story. The more pains that were suffered to him by the life were irreparable in the life.

The John Proctor essay shows that john who was the son of John Proctor Sr. had succumbed to sin. This was the sin that was done by him. With this sin that he had committed he was not able to forgive himself in the eyes of his own. Even he cannot have got his eyes to be finished in this way. Therefore, the most important part of this life is that when a sin was committed by him then he seems himself as the character that cannot raise his eyes in the eye of the individual. This should be understood in this respect. Secondly, John Proctor essay emphasis more on the committing of the adultery. When he had committed the adultery then he was not able to put his eyes upwards in front of the god. The eye of him was always lower down and it was he who sued to emphasize more on the number of factors that relates to the development of the magical figures in life.
It should be understood that there are many factors that have lead to the development of the various figures that tend to low the same with some extent. It is sometimes seen that when someone commits the wrongs in their life, then they are unable to keep their eyes to be in touch with the god. The John Proctor essay as written in various websites reminds us about the end of this tormented being. The life of him was full to the dreadful things. It was his error in the judgment that has brought him to the downfall. When he was unwilling to forgive himself shows that can be seen as selfish as the other parts of this moment were hung and they were punished for the same. Therefore, at the time, he regained his some of the goodness.

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