Human Resource Management Recruitment and SelectionCompany: Singapore AirlineJob position: Cabin Crew          Introduction2.0          Job Analysis2.1Job DescriptionBrief Overview:Task1.2.Duties1.2.Responsibilities1.2.2.2 Job SpecificationsKnowledge1.2.Skills1.2.Abilities:1.2.Other Characteristics1.2.3.0          Job Design3.1 Design for efficiency3.2 Design for Motivation3.3 Design for Safety & Health3.4 Design for Mental Capacity4.0          Recruiting4.1 Personnel policy ( choose 1 only )4.2 Internal Recruitment Source ( Choose 1 only )4.3 External Recruitment Source ( choose 2 or 3 only )4.4 Evaluating Source ( choose 1 tool)4.5 Recruiter Trait & Behaviour5.0 Personnel Selection5.1 Step 1 Screening applications and Resumes ( choose 1 )5.2 Step 2 Testing & reviewing Work Samples ( Choose 1-2)5.3 Step 3 Interviewing Candidates ( choose 1-2)5.4 Step 4 Checking references & background ( both )5.5 Step 5 Making a selection (Choose 1) Please use British English spelling if possible.Font Arial Size 12Spacing;-Paragraph text to be 1.5 lines spaced-Lists such as bullet and number lists use 1.5 spaced Reference list use 1.5 lines spaced-Use a single space between the heading and the paragraph Use 2 spaces between the paragraph and the next heading 1Page Margins and Page Numbering; 1 inch or 2.5 cm and include pageThe post Human Resource Management Recruitment and Selection appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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