Subjectivity and Bias in teaching Interpreting (comparative study)Field: Translation This is a comparative study between two countries. First two chapters written. Mainly to say subjectivity isn’t address in the syllabus – students are aware of it though but aren’t taught how to deal with it consistently.. The following is left: * Introduction: (DONE) * Lit. Review: (DONE) * Methodology and Method: 1,500-2,000 Three data sources: a. weekly syllabus for two courses b. class recordings (I already have notes of these) c. A questionnaire. Need help with analysis. If you can tell me where i can get them analyzed i will. It’s only 6 questions for the questionnaire. not too complex, one word answers mostly. * Presentation of Data: 2,000 – 2,500 Unsure how to- but will work with you on it. * Theoretical Discussion of Findings: 2,500 * Conclusion: 300 – 500The post Humanities Subjectivity and Bias in teaching Interpreting (comparative study) appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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