Harris v. Forklift Systems

Write a brief on the Harris v. Forklift SystemsPreview the document Supreme Court case. The brief should be at least 3 pages in length. Your brief should set forth the facts of the case, the main issue before the Court, the decision of the Court, the reasons for the decision, the position of the concurring or dissenting opinions, and finally, your position on whether the Court made the correct decision.

The brief will be graded on the understanding of the issue set forth in the case and the reasoning of the opinions, both majority and dissenting. It will not be graded on whether I agree with your position on the case, but whether you have stated the issue and provided a basis for your opinion of the decision.

Case briefs
Facts: The important facts of the case are presented in a clear and concise manner so that the reader understands what the case is about.

History: Full description of the decisions of the lower courts and a brief description of the reasoning of the lower courts.

Issue: The main issue of the case was stated clearly and correctly.

Decision and reasoning: Full understanding of the decision of the Court and the reasons the court used for the decision.

Outcome Dissenting Opinions and Personal Opinion: Full discussion of the dissenting opinions (if applicable) and your opinion and thoughts of the case.

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