Mathematics Paper-Analyzing Data/Descriptive Statistics

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Analyzing Data/Descriptive Statistics

Data Generation and Preparation
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Step 2:
Prepare for Data Analysis in Excel.

Create a histogram in Excel
Technology note: You will need to sort or rearrange your data to accomplish some of these tasks. Be sure you keep a copy of your original Excel file as a backup.

Data Analysis and Interpretation
Complete your analysis (Parts 1–3 below) on one Excel sheet. Include the following components in your analysis of the data.
Note that in order to cover all the survey questions, your submission should include more tables, graphs, and charts than you see in the example.

Part 1: Questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the attached excel spreadsheet (Binary Questions)
Each question 1–4 should have the following elements:

Sample size.
Sample proportion of each response.
Bar chart or pie chart.

Part 2: Questions 5 and 6 on the attached excel spreadsheet (Quantitative Questions)
Questions 5 and 6 should have the following elements:

Sample mean.
Sample median.
Sample mode.
Sample range.
Sample standard deviation.
Sample minimum and maximum.


Part 3: Exploration of Data
Next, explore your data a bit further. What are two interesting findings from your survey responses?
You might investigate responses for selected variables based on responses to your binomial questions. For example, if the answer to question 1 was Male or Female and to question 6 was Annual Income, you might examine average annual income for males only and females only and compare these results. Present your findings in an appropriate table, graph, or chart. Then write, in the same Excel spreadsheet, a 1–2 paragraph summary of your findings.

Assessment Submission Instructions
Submit your Excel spreadsheet containing Parts 1–3. Before submitting your assessment, verify you have included all of the elements listed above for Parts 1–3. It is important to note that you should have:

Four bar graphs (or four pie charts), one each for questions 1–4.
Two histograms, one each for questions 5 and 6.
Two tables, graphs, or charts to represent interesting findings from your survey responses. Include a 1–2 paragraph summary of your findings.

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