Musical Project Assignment Paper

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Musical Project

This project aims to put together all of the elements of this course and is divided into three sections. Please include all parts in one document. 

  1. Please write a three page double-spacedreview that chronicles your reaction to watching the videos and listening to the recording of Hamilton.  Please make sure to examine within your critique the collaborative success of designers, director and actors. Please also defend or deny that this musical is a milestone in musical theatre history based on your understanding of the term “milestone” in the first section. (Use your experience with critiquing “West Side Story” and the live musical theatre production to help you on this part.)


  1. Choose ONE of your adaptation pieces from Section #3 (either the movie inspiration or the musical from a unique source). Then please create a mood board of images for your chosen project, as well as the premise and supportfor your images. (Use your experience working on Phantom or Les Mis to help with this part.)


  1. When you have completed part 2 of this project: Write a short scene and songfrom your original musical (the one you used to create your mood board and premise for in the final project). The scene and song must have at least two characters. (Use your experience on the Scene and Song Project to help you with this.)


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