North Korean Private market
which was started by women in 1996 as a solution to helping feed their families during the Great Famine. It is a bottom-up the free market economy and Capitalistic .this is a topic which does not receive very much attention and is overshadowed by Nuclear weapons, predictions of economic collapse and etc.

the private market is impressive and amazing that the North Korean women were able to do this. It could be a model for other countries who have repressive regimes or who are stuck in poverty.

I believe the private market it is the change agent in North Korea and that there is a quiet social revolution taking place in North Korea which we are not paying attention to. There is a middle class or the money masters as they are known which has developed and seems to be growing as the result of the market. The Millenium generation is also important because this generation wants to make money and many of their parents own shops in the markets.

We have a Korean concept of self-reliance which is very different from the US concept which is one of the things which drive the private market. (It’s not Juche but similar)
In addressing human rights issues, starvation ( North Koreans are currently in the undernourished category) or putting a lot of attention on Weapons of mass destruction or things that the western media see as being weird or sensational.

I wish to go beyond the stereotypes and propaganda that keeps us stuck in our views of North Korea and I want of focus on the people and how they have created an economic system that allows them to survive within a difficult government structure.

I see North Korea as like most other developing nations has the same problems as many other countries.

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