All Sports Club

 After you have analysed your collected information, produce the following UML diagrams for proposed system as the specifications for a new automated information system for ASC. 1. Identify classes that should exist in the proposed systems and develop class diagrams for the proposed system of ASC. 2. Draw at least two use Case diagrams for […]

How do we learn a language?

How do we learn a language? What factors influence the development of language? Review the theories of language development and then respond to the following questions in the discussion forum. 1. According to Skinner, why do children learn to speak a particular language?  Explain. 2. How do we learn the rules for arranging words and symbols […]

Six Sigma Mcdonalds

Execute the improve phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following: Identify means to remove the causes of defects. Confirm the key variables and quantify their effects on the critical-to-quality characteristics (CTQs). Identify the maximum acceptance ranges of the key variables and a system for measuring deviations of the variables. Modify the process […]

Social Responsability

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you the chance to evaluate the role of social responsibility in society. After you complete this assignment, you will analyze a written article, be able to ascertain your view on social responsibility, and evaluation the pros and cons of social responsibility. Instructions Read the article The-Fastest-Growing-Cause-for-Shareholders-is-Sustainability In your opinion, does […]