OBJECTIVE: To explain the argument for Cultural Ethical Relativism (CER), to outline and explain Rachels’ Geographical Differences argument against CER, and to offer your own opinion about CER and Rachel’s criticism of it.Reading: https://eagleonline.hccs.edu/courses/66265/files/8498612/download?verifier=PlwlzxMLtFHK7DjQSb12crrClBvvDMwEKrIj9RPd&wrap=1 Read How to write a short argument essay Preview the document This article has some useful tips about how to write a philosophy paper and includes a sample essay.Read James Rachels’ article https://eagleonline.hccs.edu/courses/66265/files/8498588/download?verifier=IZp6oNfTkQQmNOGaCOUU7zUPgXIn9K404PtDAIdE&wrap=1 “The challenge of cultural relativism.”Preview the documentESSAY INSTRUCTIONS:In this short essay (approximately 1000 words not counting the bibliography page), you will outline (write in standard form) and summarize the argument for CER. Then, you will outline (write in standard form) and summarize one of Rachels’ arguments against CER, namely his Geographical Differences Argument.There are three parts:A. Outline and explain the argument for CER.B. Outline and explain Rachels’ Geographical Differences Argument.C. Give a brief assessment of Rachels’ argument.Follow instructions carefully. Write formally, as if you were to publish this in an academic journal. You should think of you audience as being an educated adult who has never taken a class on ethics. Your essay should include proper in-text citations in MLA (https://eagleonline.hccs.edu/courses/66265/files/8498613/download?verifier=b7dYg4FBcVlbiqFtYWOJ7B2UfFJ3eIi3UDu3QIYs&wrap=1) formatPreview the document for all quotations and close paraphrases of other scholars’ work. You must also include a bibliography giving the details of all the sources you cited in text. This bibliography should also be in MLA format. Submit this essay here on CANVAS in one of the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf. If you do not have Microsoft word, your word processing software will most likely be able to convert your file to one of the file formats listed.PART A: Write the introductory paragraph of your essay introducing the topic and stating your thesis. Your thesis will be your position on whether or not you think cultural ethical relativism is the correct ethical theory. More specifically you will specify whether you think Rachel’s criticism of CER shows that it ought to be rejected or not. You many want to return to your introductory paragraph once you have completed the essay to make sure your thesis is consistent with what you say in the rest of the essay.Your second paragraph should OUTLINE the argument for CER. Give a one-sentence introduction and then outline the argument exactly as it is written below. It should read:The argument for Cultural Ethical Relativism is (Rachels, 2012: p. 422):P1. Different cultures have different moral codes. C. Therefore, there is no objective truth in morality.The third paragraph should explain premise 1. Explain as if you are telling someone who has never heard this argument before. Rachels gives the example of Callatians who engage in cannibalism. You should use your own example of how different cultures have different moral codes. The fourth paragraph should explain the conclusion. In your explanation, aim for clarity, and use an example to make sure that your reader sees the force of the argument. PART B. Next, in paragraphs 5 & 6 explain the point Rachel’s makes section 2.3, p. 18 last paragraph (The paragraph starts with “To make the point clearer, consider…). Hint: construct an argument outline (an argument in standard form, i.e., a numbered list of premises followed by a conclusion) that has the same format as the cultural differences argument, using differences about the shape of the earth instead. This argument has the same logical form as the cultural differences argument, but leads to a false conclusion. Explain what this shows about the logic of the cultural differences argument and why this analogy works as a criticism of it.PART C. Paragraph 7 & possibly 8 is about whether you think CER is a good theory and offer reasons to support your conclusion either way. Write a conclusion paragraph. This paragraph should be short. It should reiterate your thesis and very briefly remind the reader of why they should accept the thesis.Finally: Create a bibliography in MLA format. This guidePreview (file:///C:/Users/USER/Downloads/MLA_8_documentation_guide.pdf) the document will help you with MLA formatting.The post Philosophy argument for Cultural Ethical Relativism (CER) appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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