I need to make a research assignment guid line for my students. the class is principle of biology and the student can choose any subject that related to principle of biology such as cells, molecules of life, cells cycle et.. I attached example for research assignment guid line. please make it like the example that I attached it. Please don’t get copy from the example and from the internet.thank you,Research Project GuidelinesFor the majority of my senior and graduate level classes (both on-campus and on-line), I assign a term paper as a class requirement.  To be honest, it’s often a very frustrating process.  I have given thought to excluding the requirement, but I think it’s too important a part of the evaluation process.  There are elements of the academic process that are best evaluated with a research paper, and my experience teaching online classes like this one have really driven that home.  These elements include:Clarity of expression: Too many students string together words that, quite simply, don’t make a lot of sense.  All it takes is a little time and effort (and, perhaps, a proofreader) to make sure that your words are free of spelling and grammatical errors, and that the ideas you’re trying to express are actually getting through.Avoidance of plagiarism: Most of us learned at an early age that we have to do our own work.  Unfortunately, some students have forgotten that.The temptation to cut and paste large amounts of text from the internet hascreated a real quagmireCitation of the literature – unless you are describing your own works and ideas, any research paper relies heavily on other people’s work. That means you have to give them credit for it.  There are right and wrong ways of doing so.Following the rules: The reality is that, in life, there are rules that have to be followed.  If things aren’t done in a certain way, and by a certain time, they just don’t count.  A research paper can be an excellent illustration of that principle.A brief research paper allows me to make an assessment of your abilities in these areas.    Observe the following rules (perhaps too restrictive, but I find that most students like very specific guidelines).Keep the paper short (between 1200 and 1800 words). Sometimes, that’s easier saidthan done.  One way to know the word count is to run a spell check on Word.  That’‘sprobably a good idea anyway.Use at least six sources, no more than one of which may be a web page. If you usea web page, it must be from a government agency, a university, or another“authoritative” source.  An “edu” or “org” suffix is a good indicator, but is noguarantee.  Exercise some discretion.  No Wikipedia, Encarta, etc.  If you’re unclearabout whether a web source is appropriate, check with meEmploy the citation style of the Council of Science Editors, which I will provide for you. I will post an example paper using this style.Do not employ direct quotes, except perhaps as an intro or other “stylistic” use.DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you’re unclear about what that means, do some research.  If you’re still unclear, ask me.  In short, the words and ideas that appear in your paper either come from you, or they come from someone else.  If they come from someone else, you should put them into your own words, and then give credit to the person who’s words and ideas you are using.  If a full sentence appears uncredited in your paper that came from someone else, that’s plagiarism.  Going in and changing an occasional word doesn’t make it right, either.  If I find papers (or anything else, for that matter) to be plagiarized, I will assign a grade of 0, email you with the passage and the plagiarized document, and copy in the Dean of the Graduate School.  Our new Committee on Academic Integrity (of which I am a member and whose policies I helped write) now contains a mechanism through which incidents of plagiarism are documented and place on file.  PLEASE DO NOT FORCE ME TO DO THAT.Produce your paper with:Cover page with the name of the paper and your name.The text, which should be continuous. Do not put separate sections on separate separate pages.Your Literature Cited section, which will begin on a separate page. I will ask you to employ the citation style of the journal, Conservation Biology, for which I will provide examples.You are free to submit to me a preliminary draft of your research paper at any time, which I will submit to Turnitin and review (largely for citation style). Submit this electronically as a Word document attached to an email.  It does not have to be complete; the purpose is to force you to get started and to allow me to see if there are any real problems.  If so, I’ll let you know.I will grade the papers using a Rubric which assigns a score of 0-20 in each of the following areas.20                                                           0ContentGrammar and SpellingOriginalityCitationFollowing the Rules The post principle of biology such as cells, molecules of life, cells cycle appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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