Public Relations-Summary of Implementation Plan

Summary of Implementation Plan

Starting with the list of proposed tactics, students will lay out an implementation plan for their proposed public relations campaign plan. This implementation plan shall include information on specific tasks to be executed as part of each tactic, the person or entity (e.g., your PR firm or an appropriate department at your client organization) responsible for said tasks, and and the execution schedule. The implementation plan should be summarized visually in a Gantt chart, as well as explained concisely in a summary of no more than five pages. You can organize your summary by each tactic or groups of tactics (e.g. “media relations”). Of course, you will not actually be implementing your plan, but this summary (and corresponding section in the final deliverable) will explain how someone could implement it. Budget: A detailed budget is not required, but you will need to provide the overall cost of the campaign (excluding your agency fees).

You might want to provide rationale for costs that the client might find excessive, or indicate opportunities for sponsorship/partnerships. Please note that the implementation section of your final deliverable should be expanded to account for the execution of other plan elements, such as your evaluation subplan for each objective.

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