Rape Culture

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Assignment 2: Outline


For this assignment, you will have two parts: the annotated bibliography and the outline of your argument.

Part 1: Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a list of the sources you’ve found for your paper. Each annotation will include several parts: 1- MLA citation, 2- Summary of the source, 3- Evaluation of the source (strengths and weaknesses at it pertains to your project/needs), and 4 – How the source will be used in your project. You will repeat this for each source in the bibliography. Be sure you organize this section in alphabetical order (by the first word in each citation)

You will need to have 8 sources on your annotated bibliography. I know this sounds like a lot, but it is necessary. You have some choice in what you include, but you MUST have the following:
4 scholarly sources you found through the library (articles or books from scholarly publications)
2 magazine or newspaper sources (found in the library databases or online)

Part 2: Outline

For this assignment, you will create an outline of your paper that must include: a working title, intended strategy for introducing your paper, a working thesis statement, how you will organize your support (background, competing perspectives, and perspectives in agreement with their topic), and the intended concluding strategy.

For each section, including the title, you must include the reason(s) behind your selection/decision. As an example, if you plan to use a quote as an introductory technique to hook your audience, you do not necessarily need to have the quote selected; however, you need to be able to explain why you want to use a quote to introduce your paper. What does using a quote as an introductory technique bring to your argument? Show where you will use the sources from your bibliography.

Rhetorical Situation:
Audience: your selected academic audience from the different departments at AUM
Genre: a complex outline
Purpose: to begin mapping your argument and show interaction with sources

Due Dates:
Monday, July 2nd – Rough Draft due to Unit 2 Rough Draft discussion board

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