Research Paper-A Systematic Literature Review – MPH

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A Systematic Literature Review – MPH

Make sure you specify which databases you plan to search; you could use PsychINFO, PUBMED, Ebscoe

The MPH capstone should be a complete document consisting of the following sections:

Signature Page

Table of Contents

Abstract The abstract should summarize the project and major findings in a concise paragraph.

Introduction The introduction should frame the public health issue in a few concise paragraphs. It should end with a statement of purpose. The statement of purpose should be a clear and concise statement of the primary objective(s) of the work.

Literature Review
The literature review should cover the major relevant literature (or all of the literature if there are few relevant publications) in a clear, concise manner. It should end with a research question or questions. (25 professional journal articles cited)

Methods The methods section should explain, in a clear and organized fashion, how the project was conducted. The population under study should be clearly delineated, including the sampling frame, if appropriate, and sample sizes. The statistical methods and software used for analysis should be stated.

Results The results section should contain tables, charts and figures, as appropriate, to display study results. The major findings should be reported in the text, referring the reader to the appropriate tables, charts, and figures. Results should be reported clearly and logically, without discussion. If not an empirical work, the results should present the qualitative or literature based information on which the paper’s argument is based.

Discussion The discussion section should be a well-organized discussion of the major findings and should include comparison with previous studies and possible explanations for findings. The major limitations of the study and their possible effects on the study results should be presented. It should end with conclusions and recommendations. The conclusions/recommendations section should state the implications of the major findings and may include public health policy or suggestions as to how the finding informs a relevant public health policy issue.


Appendices including study tools.


Date Assignment
End of week 1 Topic and five references
End of week 2 WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1: Introduction 2-4 pages
End of week 3 WRITING ASSIGNMENT #2: Literature Review (at least 25 references) 10 pages
End of week 4 WRITING ASSIGNMENT #3: Methodology
2 pages
End of week 5 WRITING ASSIGNMENT #4: Results
2-5 pages
End of week 6 WRITING ASSIGNMENT #5: Discussion and Conclusion
5-9 pages
End of week 7 Edit the Capstone
End of week 8 THE FINAL REPORT

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