Research Paper Assignment on Fitness

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Please read the following scenario’s:

Fitness is something that needs to be integrated into our American way of life. We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and many Americans are effected. Research the advantages and disadvantages of integrating more physical activity in the classroom (or work force). How would this effect the person, healthcare, schooling (work) and social impact in the United States.

Write an 8 – 10 page paper in which you synthesize your learning in this class through integration of the topics covered into a scholarly work. You must demonstrate knowledge of several research methodologies and explain how to choose the appropriate research method for this research project.

Your paper should be clear, engaging, original, and focused. The ideas and content must be richly developed with details and examples. The organization and form should enhance the central idea and theme. The ideas should be presented coherently to move the reader through the text. The voice should be compelling and convey the meaning through effective sentence structure and precise word choices. You must move the paper through academic constructs and experiential documentation to critical analysis. The paper must demonstrate a clear balance of these three components. You must support your arguments and assumptions with 8 – 10 scholarly reference. You must use correct APA style and format for your paper.



In addition to the option presented above, you may also choose to continue with the research topic you have been working on all session.

Please set your project up as if you were submitting an actual research article for publication. However, you are not required to actually collect and analyze and data. You can if you want, but students usually choose to finish after the review of literature and opinion.

Much of this content you have already created in previous assignments in the course. Your final project should include:

  • Title Page. The title page should be formatted according to APA guidelines. When selecting the final title for your paper, please keep in mind the importance of the Week 3 Narrative Hook forum. You will have an opportunity to address this in more detail in the introduction section of your paper. APA recommends that titles be limited to approximately 12 words. Remember, you want your title to be representative of the paper, but still peak the interest of potential readers.
  • Abstract. The abstract basically summarizes the content in the paper for the reader. It’s usually only a paragraph or two. This is a very important part of the research process. For example, when other researchers are looking for existing research to support their research studies, the abstract allows researchers to quickly determine if your paper is relative to their topic.
  • Introduction. A good introduction should present the main research problem; explain exactly what you are studying, and why your research is an important contribution to the existing literature. Also, based on the literature review of your topic, will your research fill an existing gap in the body of knowledge? In other words, does your research have a chance to be groundbreaking and have a significant impact? You should have much of this information from your Week 3 assignment. Modify it as needed and include it in this section. The length of this section varies, but is typically only 1-2 pages.
  • Methodology. In this section, please discuss the research methodology you propose for your study. Would you employ a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods method? Why did you select that method? Would you administer a survey or interview people? How would you recommend collecting data? Please consider the work you did in the Week 2 forum on ethical considerations, the Week 5 forum on research questions, the Week 6 forum on validity, and the Week 7 forum on mixed methods. The work you did in those forums may assist in this section of your paper. The length of this section also varies, but is typically only 1-2 pages.
  • Literature Review. This is where you share the information you found in the literature about your topic. In other words, what is already been written about your topic? This will likely be the longest part of your paper. The length of this section varies from student to student depending on the information available on the respective topic, but is typically 2-4 pages.
  • Limitations. This section briefly states where you think your research may be limited. For example, your study may be limited to only males, or college students, athletes, etc. This section is useful since it paves the way for future studies. The length of this section varies, but is typically no more than a few paragraphs.
  • Opinion. This section is usually called Results, but we will refer to it as Opinion since no data is being collected or analyzed. This is where you share your “opinion” of what you would expect to find if you were to actually complete the study. This is also referred to as your thesis. The length of this section varies, but is typically only 1-2 pages.
  • References. Your sources should be presented on a new page in APA format. In order to do a thorough review of literature, you should have a minimum of 5 research sources. This minimum excludes sources such as newspaper articles, blogs, trade articles, etc. You may use these sources, but they must be in addition to the 5 research sources.


Content (60 pts)
Poor organization
Incomplete sections and did not provide sufficient support
0-30 pts
Partial complete
Some errors (2 max) in content. Underdeveloped in thought
30-40 pt
Complete of all sections, well organized and developed in thought and content. Provided rationale
40-60 pt
Spelling, grammar, syntax
(20 pts)
More than 3 errors
0-10 pt
Minimal errors with considered revisions of word order 10-15 pt
No spelling or grammar errors
Or maximum of 1
15-20 pts
APA format (20 points)
More than 2 errors
0-10 pts
1-2 errors
10-14 pts
0-1 errors
15-20 pts

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