Research Paper/Project Proposal Guidelines

One of the key outcomes of this course demonstrating a student’s capacity to make meaning of their experience and to apply their skills and knowledge. You will create a paper or project proposal to demonstrate these abilities.


The paper should do these things, probably in this order:


Analyze a problem.

In this project you must describe and identify the different aspects of a problem or issue within the internship experience. You can focus very narrowly on a business challenge, and propose a project to make improvements to the business, or you can defend a perspective on a broader social issue that the problem points to.


Give us a big idea.

Your paper should defend a perspective on the broader social issue you have identified or propose a solution relevant to your worksite. Identify a solution to this problem/issue in the internship experience, or identify what you think is the right perspective on an issue related to the internship experience.


Support your big idea with a couple of good reasons.

Think of the two most persuasive reasons you would give a friend, a boss, a co-worker, or a teacher, reasons you think would make them buy into your solution or into your perspective on the issue. Support those reasons with cited sources and evidence.


Anticipate at least one objection.

You might be wrong, though. How might you be wrong? Identify at least one argument against what you are proposing and explain how you are still right, in spite of that objection.


Wrap a bow on it.

Conclude by summarizing your argument.


Don’t just describe stuff. Make an argument. This will be fun! Other questions you might have:


How long should it be?

The paper must be 5-7 pages in length.


Do I have to cite my sources?

Yes. Appropriate citations using MLA format and strict adherence to Academic Integrity Guidelines are required.


How will you grade it?

Mercilessly, using the attached rubric. Good luck.








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