Breadth Component

Introduce the topic and provide a brief description of the topic to familiarize your reader with it. Include your reasons for selecting this topic (e.g., to improve the performance of a department or a company; start a new business in the area selected; etc.)

Discuss the importance of the selected topic. Why do you think the topic is important (to you)? Is it because:

of its contribution to economic performance of your department or company,
it provides you or your company a competitive edge,
it is a value-added activity,
it improves your company’s value chain,
etc., etc.?

Summarize your research. Don’t forget you are required to have reviewed in detail and cited at least six to eight professional sources/journals of information/data as references. You need at least two to three paragraphs for discussing the finding of each of the sources you researched. Please don’t limit your discussion to certain number of paragraphs—what matters are the quality, content and completeness of your summary of findings from each source. This portion is one of the most critical and valuable parts of the research report and should constitute a significant portion of the report. Do not forget to cite the sources (note: research sources that you use for the Analysis should be different from the sources that you use for your annotated bibliography).

Based on your synthesis/integration of the research, identify current trend or trends. What is a common thread in your research findings? Is there an identifiable trend in the area you selected for research? Remember, we have discussed examples of some recent trends in various areas during our class discussion (e.g., trends in business, trends in quality and time strategies, trend in implementation/ adaptation of ISO 9000 standards, and trends in facility locations, among others).

In this section, you will discuss challenges. What hurdles or obstacle you need to overcome for implementing this concept successfully and effectively.

Depth Component

Annotated Bibliography
For this part of the research paper, you will narrowly focus on one element, area or component of the broad topic and construct an annotated bibliography consisting of at least six (6) articles from six (6) different, recently published scholarly sources (that is, you MUST use primary sources for your research). NOTE: Textbooks are NOT considered primary sources for research.

Application Component

Using the specific area of depth component focus, you will discuss how you could/would use or apply the selected concept at your work. If you do not work, then think of how you’d apply it to a company (that you are familiar with and may want to work for in the future). Try to think out of the box – be creative. Please try to reflect it on your experience – meaning how it fits your experience (“personal reflections”).

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