Wechsler Intelligence Scales


This week’s reading is on the Wechsler Intelligence Scales.  After reading the chapter, please answer the following questions: (use #’s for headings) Follow Pacific Directions


1.    What are the pro and cons of testing intelligence?

2.    What is the reliability and validity of the tool?

3.    What are it’s assets and limitations?

4.    What is it’s use with diverse groups?

5.    What is the Meaning of an IQ score?

6.    Who can administer the test?

7.    Who can interpret the test?

8.    What are other tools used to measure intelligence?

9.    What are resources in your area for test results that indicate intervention is needed?

10.  Provide a fun-fact not included above.

* all posts are due Monday, the day of class- you may need to research for answers not available in the texts.

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