Discuss these two artworks in a 750- to 1,050-word paper. Address the following: What is the context in which each work was created? How was each artwork reflective of the social changes underway during this era?
January 14, 2021
The Role of Spiritual Development in the Cross-Cultural Reentry Adjustment of Missionaries.
January 14, 2021
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Running head: WPA OUTCOMES AND HABITS OF MIND WPA Outcomes and Habits of Mind Name: Institutional Affiliation: 1 WPA OUTCOMES AND HABITS OF MIND 2…

habit of mind

Please write the WPA outcomes for the following habits of the mind basing on the past assignment. Give weekly description for each of the habit below.

  • Creativity
  • Persistence
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Metacognition

Below is a sample of my classmates’ work and attached is my previous assignment. Just 5 short paragraphs for each habit is enough.


Week One

As I read the Project 1 assignment, my mind immediately started wandering to productive places, listing different ways to start the process of creating a profile. Creating a project on a place/space forces me to take different approaches and narrow down my ideas to ones that will best suit the assignment. The most helpful approach that the first week taught me is to take my time, instead of trying to rush through my work.

Week Two

Like linguistics, my creativity level has never been a weakness of mine, but the strength of it relies on the assignment. This week, my creativity was quite high and effective for me while writing about a place I visit so frequently. I think having the confidence of knowing my topic quite well helped me open up to allowing for more creativity to flow. It was somewhat challenging using different approaches to decide on the best secondary resources but overall I feel that my first draft shows plenty of creativity.

Week Three

Week three’s revision step in the writing process allowed for lots of creativity. I used as much imagination as I could to help my peers revise their papers. In addition, freewriting about project two is probably the most creative assignment that I completed. Writing without stopping for a set amount of time shows what’s truly on my mind because I write down the first thoughts that come to mind. To be creative, sometimes I have to avoid over thinking my tasks.

Week Four

Like engagement, I struggled with creativity this week when thinking about how to start my rough draft for project 2. Since these two are my weaker habits of mind traits, I tend to play to my strengths. I am happy that when it comes to other shorter assignments, my creative juices were flowing. For example working on creating my portfolio, responding to discussion posts, and analyzing my chosen ad, I don’t feel that I was held back at all. I am looking forward to responding again after my final draft is complete to talk about if it got easier or not.

Week Five

Throughout the entire process of developing both projects, my creativity struggled in the beginning. Because I struggle with the beginning and decision making, it can often be difficult to stay interested, therefore causing a lack of creativity. In week five, I felt like my creative levels were much higher than the rest of the weeks. I believe this is due to my feeling confident in the feedback that I received, because it allowed me to feel better about my final draft. When I have a positive outlook, I tend to be more creative. I also found that while peer reviewing my classmates’ rough drafts, my creativity peaked. I read two analyses and viewed two digital ads that I really related to. I was then able to provide feedback that was mostly positive, while adding comments to help both students strengthen the details of the writing portion and clean up the layout of their digital ad.



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