Action Research Project Proposal


Instructions: This is a three-part assignment, in which you develop a proposal for a viable action research project. The purpose of the proposal is to engage and inform potential funders of the project, as well as other key stakeholder groups invested in social change initiatives. The proposal should clearly and succinctly describe all aspects of your proposed project, clearly explaining what you will do and why. Please note that you are not required to implement the project as part of the SOC-481 coursework.

In PART 1 of the assignment, you will develop the initial sections of an action research proposal. From the Instructor (Good work. Good topic and basic framework for project. Good reference list; make sure to cite sources in text.)

In PART 2, you will build upon and revise the initial sections of the proposal (as needed), adding the last sections of the proposal and completing a final draft of the proposal.

In PART 3, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation, to include an overview of your proposed project, as well as a completed SWOT Analysis which could potentially be used to guide further development of the proposed project.

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