Adult Family homes

Medication error

1. Focused evidence appraisal with references (locate in your proposal’s "Background and Significance" section.

· A focused evidence appraisal builds on the problem & significance statements.

· The 2-page evidence appraisal should not simply be a listing of articles and findings, but rather be a (working) synthesis of the literature.

· Consider subheadings, if desired, to organize your evidence appraisal. Refer to your evidence table to aid your organization and thinking.

Adult family home(AFH) medication administration log

WAC 388-76-10475

Adult family homes.


The adult family home must:

(1) Keep an up-to-date daily medication log for each resident except for residents assessed as medication independent with self-administration.

(2) Include in each medication log the:

(a) Name of the resident;

(b) Name of all prescribed and over-the-counter medications;

(c) Dosage of the medication;

(d) Frequency which the medications are taken; and

(e) Approximate time the resident must take each medication.

(3) Ensure the medication log includes:

(a) Initials of the staff who assisted or gave each resident medication(s);

(b) If the medication was refused and the reason for the refusal; and

(c) Documentation of any changes or new prescribed medications including:

(i) The change;

(ii) The date of the change;

(iii) A logged call requesting written verification of the change; and

(iv) A copy of written verification of the change from the practitioner received by the home by mail, facsimile, or other electronic means, or on new original labeled container from the pharmacy.

(4) Ensure that the changed or new medication is received from the pharmacy.

Project Proposal

1. Draft of your DNP project problem statement that clearly and concisely describes the problem, issue or change that your project will address. "The purpose of this project is to…."

2. Draft of the DNP project objectives and/or deliverables based on your agency meeting.

o You may bullet these

The project:

Presently, The Adult Family Home providers don’t need to have a nursing background or adequate training for medication administrations. Despite strict laws and regulations on dispensing medication that the state imposes on all other medical institutions, there is little guidance available for AFH providers. This includes regulations in place for best practices and AFH educational materials. After reviewing the most frequent citation information from the state’s citation history file, I decided upon improving the medical log system that is in each AFH.

The AFH agency’s goals are to develop rules and regulations that need to be established to be considered as an AFH best practice provider. These goals include creating on going resources, a safe medication administration practice, and to minimize or eliminate medication administration inaccuracies. They intend to do this by providing more accessible resources and tools: education via webinar and live presentations to the provider of an Adult Family Home.

I will accomplish what is required for my project by asking the provider questions, creating a survey to be given to the Adult Family Home Council members, use stakeholder input, identify and develop best practice guidance in areas such as, medication administration safety, documentation, residents’ rights and other areas I may discover in my research.

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