Write an essay that critically analyzes the concept(s)
Select one of the following prompts related to a specific work by an author from the Native American, New Spain, New French, or New England time period. Then, write an essay that critically analyzes the concept(s) presented in one of the following prompts. Be sure to make connections back to the piece of literature in which you show a strong comprehension of both the time period and the piece of literature.

• Examine the attitudes toward Native Americans by settlers as evidenced in one or more pieces of literature.
• Discuss the ways Native Americans knowingly or unknowingly keep their traditions alive, and explain how the language and way of life for these tribes are still relevant to American culture today.
• Compare and contrast the treatment of settlers from Spain, France, and England. Discuss some of the different challenges they faced as well as similarities the may have experienced.
• Examine how settlers were able to achieve success or how they faced peril as evidenced by both the readings and the culture of American society during this time period.
• Select one or more of the readings from the time periods mentioned above and explain how the work(s) have influenced American culture.

The essay must include at minimum three outside resources (about one per body paragraph) and three literary references (about one per body/based on the literature being discussed). All sources must be credited in a works cited page that follows MLA guidelines and should include proper parenthetical citations within the essay.

At least one of the resources must come from EBSCO host or any of the other academic databases from the college’s online library.

The essay length should be between 3-6 pages—no less and no more. The essay should be brief but specific. Stick to the main point you are trying to make and you should meet these requirements. Unless you are an experienced writer who feels comfortable deviating from the standard five-paragraph form of essay writing, you should stick to five paragraphs that include a clear introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The thesis statement MUST be clearly identifiable with the main ideas in ONE sentence (regardless of the paragraph structure you choose). It is recommended that your thesis statement be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph for ease of readability. Essay must be in 3rd person POV.

Do NOT wait until the day before the essay is due to seek help or clarification about these instructions. See your syllabus for my office hours if you feel you will need help in brainstorming or completing this essay.

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