Analytical Paper: Ethics
After reading Chapter 2 of the textbook, watch the 2005 documentary film Enron: The Smartest Guys in
the Room, directed by Alex Gibney. There will be a public screening of the film at 3:30PM on October 2
in Storer Auditorium, followed by a panel discussion lead by Business School faculty. Plan ahead to ensure you have time to view the film at least once before beginning your paper.
Essay Prompt:
There are numerous examples of ethically ambiguous practices featured in the film. These practices may
include actions, affirmative statements, omissions and/or schemes. Identify and explain a specific
ethically ambiguous practice, including a brief description of the parties involved and how the practice
worked. Then, utilizing the ethics material discussed in class and Chapter 2 of the textbook, analyze the
ethics of the practice you are focusing on. Your analysis should:
(1) Include two of the “Theories of Ethics” and two of the “Ethics Traps” presented in Chapter 2.
(2) Define and explain the theories and traps you are utilizing.
(3) Apply the theories and traps to analyze the ethics of the practice you are focusing on.
(4) Use specific conversations and evidence from the movie to assist in your analysis.
Your paper must be written in essay format; in other words, it should not be divided into individual
answers to the above questions. Your paper must include an introduction and a conclusion. There is no
need to consult sources beyond your textbook, your class notes, and the film itself (outside research is, in
fact, discouraged). Your paper must be a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 1200 words, and must
be double-spaced, utilizing Times Roman 12 point font and 1 inch margins. In the upper left-hand
corner of the first page of your paper, list your name, your instructor’s name, the course (BSL 212),
the date, and the exact word count of your paper. Direct quotes from the film or the textbook should
be placed in quotation marks and the source should be noted in parentheses directly after the quote (Enron
for the film, and Mann, Roberts, followed by the page number, for the textbook). Failure to comply with
these specific instructions will negatively impact your grade, as reflected in the Analytical Paper Grading
Rubric posted on Blackboard. You are to turn in a hard copy of your Analytical Paper, no later than the start of class on October 16, 2018. Your Analytical Paper must also be submitted in Word format on Blackboard under the designated “Assignments” tab by the same date and time as the hard copy. Please note that the papers will be run through Safe Assignment, which will compare them against the entire
Internet and our internal database to help detect plagiarism. There is no makeup for this Analytical Paper;
it is not subject to the quiz make up policy articulated in the course syllabus.

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