1) Analyze and criticize this material in a creative way (Casse studies choose one or two City to discuss 2) Support this analysis with reasoned argument and hard evidence 3) To place this whole process upon paper in a way which the reader to readily understand asses and use of it. 4) Sources: Academic ( journal paper, books, etc) be careful with Newspaper, blogs etc 5) Citation style: Consistency 6) Topic has to be focused 7) Explain why is this topic important? 8) Paragraph: one paragraph -one topic 9) Answer the question, don’t open a new topic 10) Illustration: make sure that illustration pictures, diagrams… contribute to the text Brief: extend written discussion develop a diagram analysis and interpretation. Improve the design of your presentation image selection relationship image and text graphic composition. Use also outside sources except for provided: Academic( Books journal paper etc…)

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