– focus in summarize and synthesize the
arguments and ideas of others. Please use minimum direct quotations, but paraphrase the ideas you are critiquing and reasoning your opinion. When paraphrasing, be sure to present author’s information accurately.
– must use APA (American Psychological Association) style. If you are not familiar
with APA formatting use the following link as your resource:
For a mid-term paper students should primarily rely on peer reviewed scholarly journals articles,however, online academic sources (e.g., Stanford, Harvard or any other university websites) also acceptable. The free Pub Med NCBI database is an excellent resource to find peer reviewed articles and is a great primary sources in neuroscience: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/
– Wikipedia is NOT an academic source and must not be used as one of your references.
-When writing a mid-term paper use subheadings for each section and address the following:
b) Abstract, on a new page (your abstract page should already include the page header).
c) Introduction.
d) Etiology of the ADHD (e.g., what brain regions sub-cortical and/or cortical are affected, discussed the impact of ADHD on neuromodulatory mechanisms).
e) Symptoms and Course of ADHD (i.e., psychological symptoms, progression of illness).
f) Treatment Options for ADHD – including medications (FDA approved) and alternative treatments that are under current investigation (e.g., cognitive remediation for Alzheimer’s Disease). If psychiatric medications are advised, discuss any possible drug interactions and describe, if any, symptoms of the organic brain syndrome that may mimic psychological symptoms (e.g., medications used to treat Parkinson’s Disease are associated with symptoms of depression).
g) Conclusion.
h) Reference page (any web-based citation must also be referenced carefully in APA format).
-The paper should be double-spaced, using 12-point font, and with 1-inch margins. The paper will contain at least five peer-reviewed sources. Peer review references associated with ADHD must be published within last 10 years.

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