Behavioral Health and Social Environment Public Health 603 Linking Theory to Evaluation

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M6D1: Linking Theory to Evaluation

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Analysis.In this module, we have talked not just about evaluation research, but the importance of applying that research to public health practice. Now, we are going to discuss a journal article describing the evaluation of an HIV prevention intervention.

First, let’s start with some general questions:

Research indicates that HIV infection rates are higher among African Americans and Latinos in the United States than among other racial and ethnic groups.

What are some of the social, political and environmental factors that help to account for these higher rates?

If you were going to develop an intervention to address HIV in these populations, what activities would you use?

What may be common challenges for developing an intervention to address HIV in these populations?

Based on the factors you identified and the activities you chose, how would you know that your intervention was effective? In other words, what would be your markers of “success”?

Remember that an active discussion is the key to an interesting and engaging online course. As you engage with the questions and with others as they join in the discussion, be sure to read what has already been posted and then add substantively to the discussion. Time goes quickly, so remember to post early! The first question is opinion-based

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