Business (B2B) Shadow Exercise

Assignment instruction:

This is the Business to Business (B2B) Shadow Exercise


The best way to learn the activities of sales professionals and account managers and also to relate what we do in this course is to experience real-live appointments with customers. Each student will have the opportunity to go on sales calls with a business-to-business (B2B) professional. It is your responsibility to find a B2B salesperson/account manager to shadow. To encourage you to contact and schedule your shadow appointment, you will be required to turn in evidence of an appointment confirmation within the first month of class. For the shadow project, you are required to write a paper based on your experience working with your B2B professional. The B2B sales professional must make sales calls with business customers. Every effort should be given to secure your appointment and to write the sections of your paper. The grade rubric/outline of paper deliverables

Settings and best-of-class examples (FALL 2014 EXAMPLES – #1


, #2


, and #3


and these older examples #1


, #2


, #3


, #4

Settings ) will assist you with completion of the paper.

· Blue related to Matt Walker

· Red related to Travis

· Green for both

Learnings: Part I – Introduction
Ø Background on company, products sold and to whom, and salesperson.

Who I have meet:

1. Matt Walker – Retail Sales Consultant

2. Travis Neumann: Clan solutions executive

a. His team: Small group national business

b. UP: Ultimate prospector (the program he used)

c. Business opportunity is the lead list

d. Work with a lead list

Target costumers:

· Students,

· Old people,

· Middle class,

· young families.

· Companies

· Big groups

Background on company: someone who has sales experience, customer service skills.

· Phone lines

· Phone internet

· Direct tv (Entertainment)

· Wi-Fi extension service

· Phone Watches

· Sounds pars

· Security cameras

· Phones and tables +(accessories)

· Brands: Apples, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus

· Network security

Ø Description of product knowledge and selling skills needed for job.

· Month training before you start to work

· Monthly training (5 to 10) they are Requirements

· Sales skills

· Costumer service skills

· Ability to sell Entertainment

· Communication skills

· Patience

· Harassments

· Code of business conduct

· Friendly

· Team work

Learnings: Part II – Sales Calls

Ø Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the selling presentations. (10)


Buy one get one buy (BOGO)


In conduction you have to have tv service (Direct TV)

Ø Role of nonverbal communication:

· It is hard to have nonverbal communication especially on phone calls, but they depend most on Using the BODY LANGUAGE, Smiling, and being friendly on their meeting.

· The verbal communication is very important to have

Ø Objection handling:

1. Ask more questions

2. Find a solution

3. The more you know about the consumer and their needs the more will be easier to solve the objections

Ø Closing and asking for the order:

· All the stores have the same inventories and all of the goods got shipped from the main Warehouse which it’s on TX state.

· The store doesn’t have ability to place quantity of items per orders. So, the main distribution office will ship the amounts depends on the store size as levels and location such as, state, city.

Ø What are the ways they maintain relationships with customers?

· By providing them a great experience at the store started the greeting and first impression they walk to the store till the greeting at the end of the service by walking them to the door.

· Constant communication and find the commonalities

Learnings: Part III – Buyer(s) Interview

Ø Why they buy from one company rather than another?

· Relationships are key – often they buy because they trust you as a sales executive

Ø What are the main benefits they look for when buying?

· Cost of products or services, reputation in the marketplace,

Ø How does the salesperson influence their decision?

· Need to be a trusted advisor, sometimes I have had to tell people that our solution may not be the best for them and that leads to trust because I am not misleading them just for the sale

Ø What makes a good, bad, and ugly salesperson?

· Personality is key, you’ve got to have some charisma that draws people in, be transparent and let the customers know you are their advocate.

Learnings: Part IV – Summary

Ø Discuss the main takeaways from this experience.

Ø business to Business Selling Situation :

· They do have a meeting every Tuesday at 1:00pm to make calls to receives and open new leads and scheduling new appointments to close the new leads

· In meetings, Stick to your objective agenda where you should have more info about the business before getting the consumer needs resolved


Ø Overall Professionalism:

· They were very professional where they try to contain their costumers and convincing them to switch to At&t. The do their best on selling and servicing their costumers and put their efforts to make sure the customer is satisfied with the service.

Related note:

The way of how he thinks to meet a consumer or organization:

Productivity and efficiency




Safety security and stability

Following up is very important.

(Buyer’s Information Objectives)


State and Gaps Relationships Commonalities

The Decision Maker(s):

Decision History Alternatives Favored Alternative Current P/S/C/P Decision Criteria

P/S/C/P Decision Stages


· productivity, efficiency

· image

· expenses

· revenue

· safety, security, stability


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