Make sure to explicitly reference course material and any other resources in the report.
Please read through all the instructions and documents.
You can cite the course material that I provided and answer the following question on MGT 551 CASE QUESTIONS – BLACK AND DECKER document

Answer the following questions from the perspective of an advisor to Bill Lancaster.



  1. Since arriving in Singapore, Bill Lancaster has formulated several opinions about the health of the Eastern Hemisphere organization. What problems does Lancaster want ADP to address?  List and detail 3 organizational issues and why Lancaster is concerned with them.  What strengths does ADP possess?   List and detail 3 strengths and how ADP attempts to combat these issues.



  1. There are a number of concerns from Asian Management about ADP. Based on the information in the case, detail for me these concerns.  Are the concerns more substantive or emotional?  How do you know?  What weaknesses does ADP possess?  List and detail 3 weaknesses of ADP and how these weaknesses substantiate their concerns.



  1. How can Bill Lancaster and Black and Decker use Kotter’s 8 steps to help mobilize, move and sustain buy-in for this change? What can be done to build a culture of “team” and help smooth this transition?



  1. Finally, offer your own version of a system that Lancaster should consider implementing. In doing so:


  • Consider the pros and cons of the hybrid proposal developed by Anita Lim.


  • Consider the pros and cons of going “full speed ahead” with the ADP implementation, and use it as it has been used successfully in the U.S.


  • Consider the pros and cons of holding off on the implementation of any sort of management tool and keep doing what they have been doing (MBO).


  • You may also choose one of these aforementioned three options in totality. If you do so, explain why with support coming from your pro / con analysis.


Include in your analysis considerations of the following:


  • Should your plan be introduced to the entire Eastern Hemisphere organization at the same time?  Why or why not?


  • Should ADP be standardized or modified?  If standardized, why?  If modified, how?


    • By country
    • By level in the organization (manager versus employee)
    • Limited feedback (not 360* but something else)
    • Other considerations

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