Characteristics and types of humans

Review how the human body has been represented in the each of the eras listed below. Describe stylistic characteristics and types of humans represented (gender, age, profession/rank in society, etc.). You might find this Khan Academy video a helpful example of how to discuss these things. As always, if you quote any part of this video, you must use quotation marks and include a citation.

Give one example from each of the eras listed below. (You may use examples from any chapter in the book.) For each example, include artist (if known) or culture, title (use italics if the book uses them), date, medium, dimensions, and location.

Example: Duane Hanson, Museum Guard, 1975. Polyester, fiberglass, oil, and vinyl, 5’9” × 21” × 13”. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri.

1)European Renaissance (c. 1400s – 1500s)

2) Modern Western [Europe and America] (c. 1850s – 1950s)

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