Cholesterol- structure 9


Adopt-A-Molecule: Week 4

This week, you must complete the following tasks regarding your molecule:
1. Draw the structure of your molecule using a structure drawing program (like MarvinSketch)
• Don’t forget to credit the program you use in the references

2. Determine if your molecule has any chiral centers
• If so, mark each with an asterisk.
• If not, simply state that your molecule does not have any chiral centers.
• Post this structure, marked with asterisks as relevant, after copying into a word document first.

3. Based on the number of chiral centers, determine the maximum number of stereoisomers that are theoretically possible: (of which your molecule is one possible structure)
• show your calculations

4. Give the complete IUPAC name of your molecule, including the appropriate E/Z as well as the R/S descriptors as applicable.
• Note: The total number of chiral centers you have identified with asterisks should match the number of R/S descriptors in the IUPAC name, otherwise something is wrong somewhere!

5. Find the CAS registry number for your compound:
• This is like the social security number that uniquely identifies your molecule. (Chemical Abstracts Service)
• This number can help you find further information about it in the chemical literature.

As always: DO NOT forget to cite all your REFERENCES.

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