Communication Article review The Selfish Metaphor” by Mary Midgley on page 271

Outline: create a list of ideas that you want to include in your summary and organize them into paragraphs.
Introduction ideas:
• Author’s name and article title
• Article’s main idea
Body ideas:
• Supporting idea
• Supporting idea
• Supporting idea
• Continue as needed
Conclusion ideas:
• Article’s concluding idea

Summary: turn your outlined ideas into a 3-4 paragraph summary.
In the first paragraph of about 2 sentences introduce the author and article and provide the article’s thesis/purpose.
In the second (and third if needed) present the article’s key supporting ideas with little to no detail.
In the final paragraph of 1-2 sentences explain why the article was written and/or what the author hopes to accomplish with the article

Word count of original article:
20% of original:
Word count of my summary:

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