Make an argument about the specific aspect of technology and gender you have chosen to study. Your thesis should be a statement that answers a question about how gender and technology have changed or shaped each other over time. This should be an analytical paper, making an argument about American culture. It must incorporate primary source analysis and secondary sources from at least two relevant disciplines to support the argument.

Essay Topic- Communication Technology that ties in with gender (not smart phones) think of any sort of technology or gendered personal use technology

Young adults believe that “talking,” “hanging out,” and “sharing intimate details” are more important when compared with using communication technologies to establish a relationship. The information yields valuable understanding about the role communication technology plays in the intimate relationship development of emerging adults.

You’ll want to first look at what secondary sources you can find. Look into Sherry Turkle alone together book for sources she talks about letter writing or other topics that seem to involve gendered communication.

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