The paper has to be related to social justice, and it has to be based on “Complexity of Identity” by Beverly Daniele Tatum. Please, provide a summary of the ideas or argument of the author and then then analyze the effectiveness of the essay as an argument for social justice (or whatever they’re arguing for or against), eventually stating (in your conclusion only) whether you agree or disagree with the main thesis or ideas of the author(s) and explaining the reasons for your stance. In any case, you should treat this paper as a rhetorical analysis, showing the overall effectiveness of the argument as an argument about social justice.

When doing your summary of the text, work as much as possible to put the writer’s ideas into your own words – avoid direct quotations except when you are including them as part of your own prose, and avoid using the writer’s way of structuring the ideas when recounting them. The summary should begin by telling us the name of the author, the name of the essay, the original publication date(January 2000) of the essay, and the main idea or thesis (as you see it) of the entire essay, before going on to tell us the particulars of how the author expands on that idea, what examples they use, and so on. The summary portion of your paper should be no more than roughly a third of the paper.

The remaining two-thirds of the paper should make an evaluative argument about the efficacy of the author’s own argument or how well it describes the social justice issues it’s focused on. Your thesis may read something along the lines of “So-and-so’s essay is an effective argument for social justice because…” or “Such-and-such’s argument is flawed because…” You should address how the argument is constructed, how well it makes its points, how it uses evidence to support those points, and so on. You may also use the rhetorical appeals (pathos, ethos, logos) to talk about what the author does effectively or ineffectively. In any case, the argument should not be a simple “I liked this essay” or “I disagreed with this essay” – you should use your argument to prove why you think the author’s essay works or does not work, what could’ve been stronger, or whether the argument would still be as effective now as when it was written.

This will be an essay of at least 1000 words and will require at least one source (which was provided, and I can handle the works cited page if need be).

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