Juvenile Recidivism
Research project
This assignment requires students to develop a full research paper, similar to master’s thesis, on
any criminal justice related topic. Your research project should seek to empirically and
quantitatively (no qualitative paper) examine the issue you have chosen to study. The goal of this
assignment is to enable students to conduct a quantitative research by using appropriate
statistical technique(s) to address specific research question(s) or to test hypotheses. The
hypotheses/research questions to be tested or addressed in this project should be informed by
theory or prior literature on the issue chosen. Your ultimate goal for this project should be to
have written an implementable thesis or a paper that is suitable for outside peer-reviewers. Your
project/paper should have the following components/sections:
1. Introduction – You should have a well-developed introduction section that introduces
your topic. The introduction should also include purpose of the study, gap(s) in the
literature you hope to address, a clear and concise statement of your research
questions/hypotheses, brief discussion of your source of data, and the
importance/significance of your study. This section should be between 2-3 pages.
2. Literature Review section. Here, you should conduct a detail literature review of
existing empirical studies on the topic you have chosen. DON’T JUST REVIEW
ANYTHING AT-ALL. Review materials that relate to or support the thesis/purpose of
your paper. Keep in mind that your review should also take into consideration the
variables you will be analyzing. This section should be between 4-5 pages.
3. Methodology section. This section should discuss your methodology in great detail. You
should have the following subsections: a) data source – Here, you should discuss your
data source(s) in detail. Where are you going to get data for your study? What is the
population you are going to target? Sample size? b) Measures subsection – here, you
should identify and operationalize your dependent variable(s), independent variable(s)
and other variables (control variables). C) Plan of Analysis subsection – You should
discuss how you plan to analyze your data. Explain why a particular analytical technique
is selected. This whole section should be 3-4 pages.
4. Result section. In this section, students are to present and interpret the results/findings of
the analysis conducted. 3-4 pages
5. Discussion and Conclusion section. In this section, students are to discuss in detail the
results/findings of their study in line with stated hypotheses or research questions.
Remember to discuss any limitation of your study. The final paragraph should conclude
the paper. This section should be 3-4 pages.
6. Reference section.

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