Define the concept of “best practices”

3 pages





Write a 3 page paper that responds to the elements below:

• Provide a rationale for using ID models.
• Justify the need for using them in education.

1. Define the concept of “best practices” and relate it to the use of instructional design (ID).
2. Search the Internet and discuss what professionals of ID recommend as a valid rationale.
Assignment Expectations
To receive maximum credit, you must demonstrate understanding of context and purpose of the assignment by bringing all required elements (described above) to the discussion, and meeting additional expectations (described below).
Cite a minimum of three sources and incorporate them into your paper. It is expected that you analyze and synthesize, not merely summarize, sources. The reference page and overall paper must be formatted properly in APA format and style (Strong Introduction, Subheaders and a Strong Conclusion).

Required Reading
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