My research/survey will be about the amount of people who use NJ Transit to commute for work
In this assignment, you will design a survey—including a questionnaire—to gather information on a population of interest, such as clients of a program, residents of a community, or employees of an organization. Prepare your assignment in the form of a memo that presents a research plan to do the survey. There are several parts to this assignment:


Describe the purpose of the survey.

What information are you seeking.

How will this information be used?

Define the target population of interest for your survey. You must choose a real population, such as clients of an actual program that you are familiar with, residents of a neighborhood you work in, or employees of your organization.

Describe the population in your own words and also attach brief documentation of the population, if possible, such as a web page or brief published summary or statistics.


Describe how you will sample and contact survey respondents. Will you survey everyone in the population (a census), or will you survey a sample?

Will your sample be a random sample, and if so what procedures will you follow to select the sample?

How will you contact respondents, that is, how will you explain the survey and what assurances will you give them regarding privacy and voluntary participation?

What method of data collection will you use? In other words, will your survey be an in-person interview, a telephone interview, a self-administered paper questionnaire, an Internet survey, or some other approach?

Explain your choice of a method and why you think it would work best for surveying your target population.


Describe the measures or variables of interest in your survey. You should have at least 5-10 substantive variables, plus necessary demographic variables (such as age and gender).

Write out the conceptual definition of each substantive variable, and be sure also to identify the questionnaire item (operational definition) that corresponds to each variable.

Identify the level of measurement for each item or measure in the questionnaire (nominal, ordinal, or interval/ratio).

You will need to design a questionnaire to measure you substantive variables and necessary demographic variables.

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