Design Specification ( Project Proposal )


The purpose of this CubeSat is to measure the weather and climate change over the east coast.

Project scope:

Proposes to develop stakeholder (NASA) requirements, context level architecture, system level … for the cubesat process.

Stakeholder and statement of need:

Principal customer is NASA. The principal user will be – whoever is responsible for weather control data.

NASA needs a Cubesat that provides 24/7 weather and climate surveillance.

System Functionality / Capability

• Detect weather and climate patterns in a timely manner

• Covers the east coast

• Transmit collected data to data control center

• Receive command from the ground mission operation centers

• Navigate in space

Measures of effectiveness

• How do we put a number or measure the effectiveness of weather measurement?

• Put a geographical number

• Frequency or timing measurement

• How do we measure how well it received command?

• Compare to GPS

Systems Context & Description

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