Develop a presentation that concisely presents the following information regarding your cookie company:

Consider the company’s mission.
Will you focus on quality, volume, or satisfying a niche?
Will you sell using a traditional brick & mortar storefront or through eCommerce? Who is your target market?
What are your expansion plans?
What will be your main products? Where will you operate?
Write a mission statement for your company that reflects the decisions you made in the previous step.
Based on your company’s mission, describe the long-range goals, strategies, and objectives that your company will pursue.
Decide upon a company name.
Determine cookie specifications: size, color, key ingredients, appearance, quantity and packaging.
Develop a recipe that fits with your mission, goals, and specifications.
Create a job cost card for your cookie recipe and calculate cost per cookie. Assume overhead is allocated at a rate of $2 for every $1 of labor cost.
List some of the costs you will include in overhead.

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