Social Wellness Assignment Prompt One of the biggest parts of overall wellness is how an individual interacts with others. In this class, students must attend a university-sponsored event (or comparable event not sponsored by the university, such as a church event, work-related community service event, adult softball league, etc.), write a review of their experience (positive or negative), and how they interacted with others around them at the event. Your friends, families, classmates, etc. are encouraged to go with you. You may also find an event that you can volunteer at and you can fulfill both your community service and social wellness activity assignment. Example: assisting with the alumni relations tailgate at a UIW game, volunteering for an event with San Antonio Sports, or volunteering at a local charity (food bank, etc.) Instructor approval required to count the social wellness activity and community service activity as one joint event. ——————————————————————————————————————- **Please use the following link to obtain the details of the Women’s Conference I attended at my church on Friday September 28 & Saturday September 29, the conference was both social wellness and community service. I volunteered on the prayer team, the women who attended the conference would come to me for prayer and guidance about personal situations they were facing or desiring a closer relationship with God. This occurred throughout each day of the conference. Before the conference dates, I was required to fast for several weeks and pray for the conference and the people that would attend. This was the first time, I attended this event. The link will provide you with the speakers of the conference the schedule and other detailed. **When you go to the website scroll down on the page, click on the following links: Heart, Speakers, Schedule & Impact to obtain material you can use to write the review. There were no negative experiences, for the exception I was very tried after it was over. I did bring my 18-year-old daughter with me who attended the conference as a guest. My daughter enjoyed spending time with me and meeting other women while learning more about God and herselfThe post Dimension of Wellness Bridge Social Wellness Assignment Prompt Write My essay Paper appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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