Economics Data Analytics Report


Economics Data Analytics Report

Students are required to choose ONE sports franchise from any professional North American league,examine the marketconditions, revenues and costs for this franchise.Specifically, information on market conditions should includeanalysis onmarket size, income levels, corporate head officesand some economic specific conditions such as tax advantages and the effect of exchange rate.Revenue and cost information should, at a minimum,include gate receipts, broadcasting revenue, corporate sponsorship and player costs

Students are required to choose one league from the North American professional sports market. Using data from Professor Rodney Fort’s website (see Reference 1below)or from the league’s website, analysethe relationship between revenue and winsusing a Multiple Regression model. An example of the regression model can be seen below:Revenue=h0+h1×Wins+h2×WinsLagged+h3×MarketSize+h4×NewStadiumDummy+

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