Economics of food – What’s the expense?
· Watch this video: "Food Economics: What If the World Went Vegan?"
· Read through this short article: "Beyond Meat: The End of Food As We Know It?"
· Watch this video on food waste
Weigh in on any one of these areas of economics and food:
o Commodities trading
How does the commodities business keep other countries "food poor"?
o Globalization
How has the American mindset shaped food around the world?
o Government policy and regulations
What government food policies and regulations do you know about?
How have these food policies helped us? How can they be better?
o Prices and inflation
How does inflation work in the food industry?
What does the future look like in terms of inflation and food prices?
o Food waste
What can we do about the epidemic of food waste, both individually and corporately?
o Biotechnology
Will biotechnology (GMO’s, preservatives, etc.) help with food scarcity or is it just another way to compete in the industry?
o Energy
How can food help with alternate sources of energy? Is this the best way to go (using food to fuel our energy needs?)?

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