What are the costs of a healthcare system and how do they affect taxes in US?

Healthcare system cost= B0 + B1 taxes

For this equation, I am not sure that if the tax is increase, healthcare system cost will be increase because of tax increase or, if the tax is decrease, healthcare system cost will be decrease because of tax decrease. I am not sure that healthcare cost will increase and decrease because of the tax.

So we have to establish and prove my topic, so we need a lot of data. I want to get the research data and regression data which calculate the results using STATA or R(please send me STATA or R code). And, we have to analyze and summarize it.

We should use the economic models similar to the Solo Model (but, except the Solo Model)

I will send some references and a requirement document that we must follow.
If the proposal you wrote is okay, I will also ask you for final paper later. Therefore, I hope you will write it well.

I think, you do not have to use 6 sources. For this proposal 3~4 will be fine. Later, for the final paper should be 6 sources

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