Engineering Structural dynamics and Earthquakes


Engineering Structural dynamics and Earthquakes

My group is doing Model 5S.

Stage 1:

we have to design the mass matrix (M) and stiffness matrix (K). calculate mode shape and natural frequency for 5 storey building in el centro earthquake.

Stage 2:

Provide analysis of the given experimental data; the data will be provided by our lecturer next week.

Stage 3:

Analyze the model considering various design aspects.

The Report has to include the following:

1) Aim and Objectives

2) Scope and layout of the project

3) Marking and evaluation of the project outcomes

I will attach all the documents required to finalize the report. I need really good marks because it’s a matter of me passing or failing the unit.

by next week I will provide the writer with the given experimental data so he can finish stage 2.

Thanks heaps

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