In your opinion, are environmental problems caused by population growth or by overconsumption—feel free to be nuanced in your answer? Clearly state your informed opinion, one that shows your full understanding of population dynamics and at least two approaches to population change.

Given your opinions on population growth and overconsumption, choose two market approaches ( FROM THE SOURCES I WILL PROVIDE) and use them to suggest solutions to the problems as you described them.
Provide an informed argument and opinion that deals with debates on population growth versus over-consumption (referencing at least two approaches and their critiques to population growth). 2. Critically examines how two of the market approaches would deal with the problem as you described it in the first point. If you think overpopulation is the problem, chose two market approaches and discuss how they would respond to stemming environmental problems. If you think it’s overconsumption, then, again, use at least two market approaches to solve the environmental consequences of that. Please include possible critiques to those market approaches you chose. 3. Provide your voice: what you really think about population growth and overconsumption (and their critics). What do you think about market approaches (and their critics)? And, link them to the best of your abilities.

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