Essay Based On Autobiography

The essay is based on the Chalberg biography, Emma Goldman. The essay should be 4-pages in length, double spaced and typed. Your essay will not be accepted if it contains more than five (5) spelling errors. Your thesis is completely up to you. If you want to know what your essay should “look like” (structure, citations etc) you should follow a basic academic essay structure (introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion + parenthetical references to the text, e.g., (Chalberg, 47), (Nash, 45), etc. You should include citations from both Nash and the biography itself (Chalberg) in support of your analysis. You may also include citations from Zinn and the Biography of America series. Please also include in-text citations from these sources as well, e.g., (Zinn, ch 4, par 5) and (BOA, 12, 4 mins).
Number of Pages: 4 Pages
Academic Level: College
Paper Format: MLA

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