Film studies the cabinet of doctor caligari

Making reference to the reading of German expressionism and specifically the reading on this film, choose three scenes and provide close analysis of the function and effect of as many of the techniques listed below as are present in each example. In your analysis discuss how these techniques establish mood and atmosphere and most importantly how they suggest the internal psychic state of the narrator Francis and the psychic state he projects onto Caesar and Caligari and telling their story to the scene from the beginning, one for the middle, and one from the end in the asylum. Beyond looking only at the elements of shot composition and production design also consider narrative structure and the placement of your scenes as well as editing within them the fact of cross cutting, insert shots, repeat images, flashbacks and nested flashbacks( the flashbacks prompted by Caligari’s book on some somnambulism and his diary, in which a series of flashbacks or imagined flashbacks reside within the larger flashback narrated by Francis).

Among the techniques to pay attention to are the following:

  1. Oblique, distorted angles and the set design and framing of shots
  2. Distorted shapes and design up every day places like streets, trees, houses, windows, landscapes, and cityscapes
  3. Interplay of light and shadow with then set design
  4. Various colors used to tint scenes and how they convey something about setting, atmosphere, time
  5. Costume design
  6. Make up design
  7. Character movement and behavior
  8. Positioning of characters within the frame
  9. Camera movement within the scene
  10. Do use of the iris affect and masking the frame and as a transition between scenes
  11. Use of musical themes to define mood, character, or to heighten action

You must reference to the assigned reading, integrating key concepts meaningfully with your analysis of the film. Include internal page number citations and final bibliographic citation

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