While globalization at times is an overwhelming concept, it can be readily grasped in our daily lives. This course itself is a
great example as we come together from all over the world to learn and share ideas together!
Write a short essay (2 to 2.5 pages), reflecting on the ways in which your own life is globalized. You are encouraged to
approach this topic from a wide variety of perspectives, but a few examples might include:
 Things that you do (where you work, go to school, entertainment and cultural activities)
 How you do things (for example, getting a meal at McDonald’s can be a very different experience compared with
most local customary eating habits; how you dress)
 People you encounter (friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and other contacts you may have)
 Changes around you (immigration and emigration, changing employment opportunities in your hometown,
environmental issues).
Formatting: font size 12 pt, Times New Roman preferred, spacing 1.5 lines, margin 1” all around.

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