Health Care mHealth applications

In the last part of mHealth Innovation, Part VII (pages 287-336), the various authors examine where mHealth technologies are needed in healthcare, next-generation solutions, designing mHealth platforms to transform productivity, mHealth barriers, and predictions for the future of mHealth.

Using learnings from existing mHealth applications (from the case studies presented throughout the course) describe a new, innovative mHealth application that could be developed to encompass, or meet the need, for healthcare providers to connect with their patients and that will help fill an existing gap in their ability to provide effective, cost efficient, quality, timely and individualized care for a certain population of patients. For example, you may choose to design a mHealth solution that will assist a dermatology practice to connect with and enhance their ability to care for patients in their community.

Explain how you would determine the market opportunity, develop the mHealth solution concept, design the cost structure (if it is not free), ensure that it will meet regulatory needs for security and privacy (especially if it will contain/transfer patient information), how it will be marketed to consumers and providers, and how it will be maintained to adapt to industry changes over time. Be sure to provide/cite references to support your strategies and design concepts.

Abstract should be between 150-250 words and add keywords to abstract. Paper should be between 350-500 words.

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