Health Care Social Determinants of Health policy issue

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1)            Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement (for upcoming policy research essay) – – Prepare a list of at 8 sources for the upcoming research paper, including academic sources (i.e. peer reviewed journal articles or peer reviewed book chapters) and policy-related grey literature.

Point is to Critically examine a Social Determinants of Health policy issue related to a theme or topic covered in the course. A course powerpoint and syllabus will be attached so the writer can see the social determinants were studying and their issues.

Pick ONE social determinant the writer favors and research issues related to it.

each source should formatted in proper canadian APA formatting and be described in three to five sentences including the central argument of the piece and how it will contribute to your research paper.

This collection of sources should conclude with a draft thesis statement for the upcoming paper. The thesis statement should consist of two parts: 1) the central argument of your paper (i.e. your thesis statement) and 2) how your thesis will be developed and defended throughout the paper (this translates into a few sentences on how you will structure the paper).

  • You might want to consider the logic of authors’ arguments, and the quality of their evidence. Your findings can be positive, negative, or mixed.

The point of this annotated bibliography is to prepare for our final essay, here are the instructions for the essay, which is a separate assignment. This information is only included to give the writer a better look into the assignment.

Policy Research Essay – – Critically examine a Social Determinants of Health policy issue related to a theme or topic covered in the course. Data is to be gathered through traditional means (i.e. academic journals), grey literature (governmental and NGO organizational literature), the media (if applicable), and through the observation of a related public event (speeches/public lectures, political debates, rallies, etc.) that can be done over the internet.

The paper should cover the following areas: 1) contextualize the policy “issue” by discussing the history of the issue and past approaches to rectify it; 2) provide an overview of current policy and programming approaches; 3) discuss how you gathered data (traditional and observational) to address the policy challenge; 4) explain the analysis/results of your research; and 5) conclude the paper with an informed critique of current policy which draws upon recommendations on how to improve the issue presented.

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