Instruction for History Book Essay
BOOK: Constitution Café by Christopher Phillips 1.Choose one of the three essay topics and respond to it a.Using specific examples from throughout the book, discuss Jefferson’s views on the Constitution and our government. How did they differ from other founding fathers? b.Discuss the major changes to the Constitution which are proposed throughout the book, and analyze why you think they would or would not work c.After reading this book, please discuss how it changed your views on our Constitution and government. Please use specific examples from throughout the book 2.3-5 pages double spaced, Times New Roman font size 12. 3.Quotes from the book should be cited in parenthetical style at the end of the sentence: “FDR wasn’t always the most beloved president in America” (Brinkley, p.17). (Author, pg. #). 4.Keep citations consistent throughout the entire paper a.No more than two sentences of direct quotation per citation. 5.Since you are only citing one source, there is no need for a bibliography

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