A topic is anything you want about “pro cons of slavery”.

Format for Writing the First Term Paper on Divergent Views.
DIVERGENT VIEWS: POC Points of Creation versus POD Points of Destruction
This essay should show three views plus your personal reaction to a given topic:
1) THESIS STATEMENT (historical statements and records of events) 2) ANTITHESIS
STATEMENT (the opposite of #1 also using historical statements and records of
3) SYNTHESIS, practical, humanistic, predictions, documents, personal statement with
perhaps personal experience.
The model for this type of essay is from a book that was presented the first day of class,
examining its table of contents and the essays that were on a variety of views and
opposing views throughout history. The paperback was entitled, African Americans:
Opposing Viewpoints, William Dudley, Editor, Greenhaven Press, Inc., 1997, San Diego,
California, ISBN1-5651.0-521-4. “Those who do not know their opponent’s argument do
not completely understand their own views.” Some of the essays in this book are
“Blacks are Inferior to Whites” by Thomas Jefferson and opposing that is “Blacks are not
Inferior to Whites” by Benjamin Banneker; “Slavery Must Be Abolished in America” by
Nathaniel Paul, and opposing that is “Slavery Must Not Be Abolished in America” by
John C. Calhoun and William Harper; “Blacks Should Emigrate from the United States”
by Martin R. Delany, and opposing that is “Blacks Should Not Emigrate from the United
States” by Frederick Douglass; “The Freedman’s Bureau is Harmful” by James D. B. De
Bow, and opposing that “The Freedman’s Bureau is Essential” by Thomas Conway; “A
Federal Civil Rights Bill is Dangerous” by Robert B. Vance, and opposing that is the
essay, “A Federal Civil Rights Bill is Necessary” by Richard H. Cain; “The Fundamental
Cause of Lynching Is Black Crime” by Thomas Nelson Page, and opposing that is the
essay “The Fundamental Cause of Lynching is White Crime” by Mary Church Terrell, a
Black woman abolitionist.
Example for your essay: using the topic of 1) pro-slavery, 2) resistance to slavery, 3)
constitutional solutions, and humánistic views, optimistic points or do you think the
reality is that we are all doomed in an apocalypse.
Thesis Statement. SLAVERY IS GOOD. Slavery existed in all of the continents of the
world. Chinese once enslaved Chinese. Europeans once enslaved Europeans thus the
word Slave within the name Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia. Africans enslaved
Africans. Nearly all peoples Christian and Islanm and others were guilty in some way
either directly or indirectly aiding the process and initiating contracts called asiento. In
the Bible Joseph was thrown into slavery by his own brothers. Bishop of the Catholic
Church Bartolomeu de las Casas (see textbook) sanctioned slavery justifying that
Blacks had no souls worthy of saving the same was said of Native Americans. Greeks
and Romans sanctioned it. Arabs enslaved Blacks by the masses. Many countries in
Europe sanctioned and participated in it fighting each other with weapons, canons, to
control the trade. They claimed that African were better built for slavery more so than
any other race because they were stronger and that the dark melanin in the skin and
wooly hair made them better able to endure the heat of the field, the phenotype gave
them greater resilience for labor. God ordained whites to tower over others. They
Justified that slavery was a God given system to clear the American wilderness for
colonial settlement and to acquire more land. Never mind the fact that 100 million were
captive and large numbers died It was a means of production that solved the lack in
Europe people and resource poor. Enormous profits in the global system network
bought on the Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance. Vast profits from free labor
built America to the point that great amounts of raw goods was sent to Europe. (see the
Triangular Trade). List the 10 Presidents of the United States who themselves owned
slaves. President Thomas Jefferson has two different views pro and con. His statements
in favor of slavery are in his writings entitled, Notes on Virginia. Barnes and Noble
publish a significant book entitled, Proslavery: A History of the Defense of Slavery in
America 1701-1840, University of Georgia Press, Athens and London, 1987, author
Larry E. Tise ISBN 0-8203-0927-3. The 501 pages includes speeches, sermons, and
documents defending slavery.
Antithesis Statement.SLAVERY IS NOT GOOD. Although slavery existed in all of the
continent it is basically a denial of human rights. There were various types of slavery
from indentured servitude, to abuse of apprenticeship, or the acculturation an
attachment of the lesser to a greater i.e. war captive or bush dweller acquiring the ways
of an urbanite or one considered more civilized. The worst type of all enslavement was
in America and called chattel slavery because it aimed to reduce a human being into a
beast of burden, to break the spirit and soul from natural true instincts to that of a lowly
creature. Rape, torture, brutality wrong can never be condoned and justified as right.
Torture instruments are well recorded and so are abominable means. Systems of
stacking humans on slave ships as if livestock are recorded. Disease, the breaking of
cultural taboo such things were so unbearable that suicide was preferred. Some
methods for breaking healthy African cultural family ties, language communication,
nation building patterns that aesthetics had included traditional rites-of-passage and
secret society mastery of the mind, soul and body. In class we studied writings that told
of evil methods to destroy the mental and emotional acumen of a holy people. You can
site these details, quotes from the 1712 Willie Lynch document studied in class (and/or
Jules Renkins 1888 Governor of Belgian). The psychologist who presented Willie Lynch
related his technigque to modern day problem and the need for psychoanalysis. The
effects of slavery still remain today and are in the areas we call Post-Slavery-Trauma-
Syndrome. Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The science of slave psychology a
psychic examination of slavery’s haunting effects on the conscious of Black men and
women, author Alvin Morrow, Rising Sun Publications, 2004, ISBN 0-9720352-1-4,
Modern day slavery is in the form of what we call trafficking of humans, kidnapping for
prostitution and other evils. There is International Slavery. You can write about the anti-
slavery society, the abolitionists many of them mentioned in the textbook. You can quote
from the speeches of Frederick Douglass given out in class or David Walker’s book
entitled, The Appeal. You can consult our textbook and research the life of Harriet
Tubman and describe the Underground Railroad. To battle against and runaway form an
evil system all of these facts support the argument that slavery is not good. Evil means
do not lead to good but corrupt all those involved, master and enslaved prisoner.
You can write about the run-a-way communities, Maroons, Combes, Palinques, Seminoles
some of them were multi-cultural. Resistance took place on all of the continents
Europeans fought battles with other Europeans to control the system in the way that we
engage drug battle. In a world of terrorists and extreme amounts spent of warfare a mad
race to control the world its goods, people and resources we asks, Who is controlling
the world? Who will incarcerate who, why, and when. Black people as a race is no
longer condemned as a lower species as was done by Nazi Germany for the cause of
supremacy. There is ample proof of the intellectual achievements
creative ability
from the beginning of time until today. Human kind began in Africa. You can write about
Dr. Spencer Wells and his DNA studies to prove this, or the finds of Dr Richard Leakey
in anthropology; Dr. Richard Greenburg in linguistic studies; Dr Cheikh Anta Dip
melanin studies and cultural diffusion. Blacks were involved in the creation of
civilizations along the Nile and throughout the continent of Africa before others were
established. Blacks made significant achievements in modern science and are the true
builders of America. You can use the classic book, How Europe Under Developed d
entitled, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Dr
Michelle Alexander, The New Press, New York, described the prison industrial complex
in the U.S. as greater than anywhere else in the world, a system for privatization and
financial profit makes it the new computer age slavery.
Synthesis of the two position above. In a democracy/republic, there are ways of build
progress with everyone paying their fair share without the use of slavery. Quote from the
U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights (you can find on the internet and in our library).We
are created by God (In God we Trust) with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness. You can write about what is the meaning of the word Freedom
You can write about your person views and experiences. You can write about you multi
cultural experiences at School of Visual Arts or why your ancestors moved into America,
or from rural America to urban. You can write about the class differences in America
the beauty of being wealthy or the strivings of the have not, and hard work and the
beauty of overcoming the odds. You can find the speech of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr
entitled”I Have a Dream” or any other hero with a vision of where we should be, our
morals and ethics. Department of Humanities is about human relations. The United
Nations is suppose to be about Crimes Against Humanity.

African American History 2nd Edition by Molefi Kete Asante
Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science of Slave Psychology by Alvin Morrow

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